Expect a lot of things to go unfinished today, from conversations stopped mid sentence, to walking in a room and forgetting what you were going there for.

It is your mind that is likely to be distracting you today. One moment it will be off on one tangent and then in the next moment it’s likely to be off on a completely different tangent.

You could try to control or rein those random thoughts in. Yet if you did you would miss out on some stunning Eureka moments.

Mercury began its retrograde in your sign over three weeks ago, dear Taurus, but then retreated into the sign just behind yours. Now, Mercury turns direct, and you’ll see some recent problem areas untangle. Choices become clearer in the weeks ahead.

While you can continue to keep some things to yourself as Mercury moves through your privacy sector (until the 16th), you’ll find it easier to make decisions and to deal with private matters. Avoid big launches or new beginnings now, as the shift itself can muddy perceptions.

Helping you with this is the Sun in your sign in happy aspect with Neptune today. This influence opens your heart and your mind to new possibilities and encourages looking at things and people for their beauty rather than their flaws.

Dreams and ideals assume particular importance to you today. Helping others can be rewarding.

It’s increasingly difficult to separate the real facts from the fake facts as yesterday’s truths become today’s fantasies. Nevertheless, talking about your desires opens the door to a wide range of experiences.

Thankfully, mischievous Mercury starts to regain lost ground in your 12th House of Spiritual Mystery, encouraging you to uncover hidden aspects of your feelings and to explore your unacknowledged biases.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

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