There is a New Moon today that inspires or motivates you to take better care of your resources, dear Taurus. You may want to put more of your energy into building and securing your life in fundamental ways in the coming weeks, and good energy is with you for doing so.

Taking charge of your personal finances can play a big role in this, but so can working on developing your natural talents or your current resources to make better use of what you already have. Seek out ways to feel more in control of spending, saving, and managing.

Today, your ruler, Venus, forms a challenging aspect with Pluto, pointing to the need to confront problem areas that you’ve brushed off or avoided. Matters from the past can play in your mind almost as if they are your present. Your belief that you want life to be simple and straightforward can lead to the stifling of feelings that are unpleasant or uncomfortable.

However, what you’ve buried won’t go away until you face it, and can, in fact, drive your behavior in destructive ways. If challenging patterns of relating surface today, consider looking for the root of the problem. Aim to fully own complicated feelings instead of giving in to the temptation to assume complications are coming from others.

You are feeling pressured to reassess your fiscal condition. You may uncover a financial picture that’s quite different from the one you expected as the data-rich Gemini New Moon lands in your 2nd House of Resources.

You might even panic when you realize the gravity of the situation, but you can quickly rebound if you make the necessary adjustments to your course.

Your patience will serve you well since you won’t achieve your newly clarified goals overnight. Break down your action plan into simple steps, so you can set yourself back on track with the least amount of collateral damage.

While the Moon has moved on, its visit to Taurus over the last few days has been invaluable. Having come full circle from last month’s New Moon, but as the last visit before Venus returns early next month, this has been a bridge between the journey so far and also where to from here.

Your birthday month came to an end last weekend but it is already clear that you haven’t even begun to explore what you want from the coming year.

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