Today can be most excellent for putting a bad habit or even a project behind you if it’s been limiting or confining you, dear Taurus.

There’s a sense that you’re more emotionally equipped to not only accept but embrace change and progress. Money matters and for taking care of valuables can be in focus and good favor now.

Unusual and fresh approaches to business or money management seem to be your best bet at the moment. New light shed on the past can give you hope for the future.

Today is good for dedicating some of your energy to work on the home or to family activities. For some of you, the best thing you can do for yourself now is to let go of a problem that has been frustrating you.

Your logic is very sound today, but your actions don’t necessarily support your conclusions.

There’s no question in your mind; you know exactly what’s going on but you might remain quiet for the sake of keeping the peace.

However, little things continue to bug you throughout the day, driving you to eventually overreact in order to reestablish equilibrium.

Rather than taking the course of least resistance, begin choosing your battles right from the start. You don’t need to let others push you over the edge if you deal with each little annoyance as it occurs.

As Mercury moves into his final week in Taurus, this smart and intellectually savvy planet might feel a little redundant. Ten days after your birthday month came to an end, you should be well into the stage of tying up loose ends.

This is where Mercury comes into his own, with finalising your game plan and resolutions, one of his main functions at this time each year.

Yet with Venus yet to arrive, all you can do is have the outlines drawn, letting your heart fill in the blanks later.

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11, 17, 38, 39, 42, 43

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