Aries Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
There is so much happening now that you’re unsure of how to react. At least you’re not alone as everyone else seems equally distracted by the chaotic pace. Fortunately, people are so overwhelmed that they won’t even notice your behavior. You might think you can get away with a little mischief while irrepressible Uranus is zapping impulsive Mars. Nevertheless, just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s a wise choice. Instead of acting irresponsibly, show the world the best version of you. The things you do when no one is watching are the things that define you.

Taurus Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
Your logic is very sound today, but your actions don’t necessarily support your conclusions. There’s no question in your mind; you know exactly what’s going on but you might remain quiet for the sake of keeping the peace. However, little things continue to bug you throughout the day, driving you to eventually overreact in order to reestablish equilibrium. Rather than taking the course of least resistance, begin choosing your battles right from the start. You don’t need to let others push you over the edge if you deal with each little annoyance as it occurs.

Gemini Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
You’re eager to impress your friends with your solutions to their problems today. Unfortunately, your clever words and sage advice may not be as useful as you think. In fact, you could end up being a primary source of anxiety for the very same people you want to help. Fortunately, you have the power to turn your day around by choosing not to meddle in everyone else’s affairs. Once you point your lens toward yourself, it quickly becomes apparent that personal growth begins at home. Author Chetan Bhagat wrote, “Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.”

Cancer Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
A recent decision of yours may be challenged today by people who don’t really understand your motivation. They aren’t aware that you’re not limited by tradition and are willing to step outside of the norm in order to give everyone another option. But you don’t expect anyone to just blindly follow you. You simply want your ideas to be heard. In fact, you’ll consider your efforts worthwhile once you are given a fair hearing. Tony Robbins claims, “The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

Leo Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
Your frustration builds until it reaches a crescendo today. You might express a tirade of anger, even if you can’t justify your behavior logically. However, a healthy self-awareness reminds you of the importance of processing your feelings instead of being subject to them. Show your wisdom by letting the situation continue to unfold without your interference. Take a measured approach until you have formed a more complete picture. You’re in control when you’re fully informed. Making better choices leads to better results.

Virgo Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
You are acutely aware of several different paths that could further your career trajectory. However, your natural analytical tools may not be useful if you want to respond to changing dynamics at work. Taking the course of least resistance is a smart move today. The most creative solutions will continue to develop over time, so don’t waste energy trying to outsmart the current predicament. Be patient; act on your intuition and you can’t lose.

Libra Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
You want everyone to get along today, but last-minute changes to your schedule may throw others off track. In turn, a close friend or coworker might do something totally unexpected that catches you by surprise. Thankfully, a setback or a detour can magically morph into an exciting journey of self-discovery. Nevertheless, you could just as easily miss out on an adventure if you resist the changes. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results if you allow your previous plans to fall away. Poet Mark Strand wrote, “Old ways won’t open new doors.”

Scorpio Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
Discontent sets in if you continue to scatter your energy today. You long for more intense interactions, but your current environment may be too fast-paced to nurture deep and meaningful communication. However, if you try to force your agenda now, the emotional connections you seek will simply appear in others as psychological resistance. Keep looking for that sweet spot between searching for satisfaction and being content with what you already have. Willie Nelson said, “When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

Sagittarius Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
Your excitement is mounting quickly today as you put a few enjoyable activities on the front burner. But you might be slightly dissatisfied no matter what you pursue, since it feels like you should be doing something else. Fortunately, the fiery Leo Moon activates your 9th House of Adventure, increasing your drive to experience another adrenaline rush. Luxuriate in the natural buzz as long as it lasts. The natural rise and fall of energy indicates the chaos will begin to settle back down in a couple of days. Make merry while the merrymaking is good.

Capricorn Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
Much to your chagrin, nothing you seem to do today calms the current emotional turbulence at work. You’re better off letting go of your security blanket and riding the unpredictable waves now, instead of attempting to maintain control over your feelings. Fortunately, anxiety begins to fade as you shift priorities to concentrate on restoring your balance, rather than juggling all the variables at the same time. Peace begins within.

Aquarius Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
Your current relationship strategy may not be obvious to people today, so they can’t figure out your true intentions. But you don’t see reality through the same lens as everyone else, because you won’t allow your plan to get bogged down by romantic attachments or office politics. However, you can be so overzealous in working now that you miss the more important emotional component. There’s a good chance you might upset someone while you’re busy expressing your individuality. St. Ambrose wrote, “No one heals themselves by wounding another.”

Pisces Horoscope Tuesday – May 30, 2017
You’re excited to step outside your well-protected bubble today. But what seems like a logical and calculated move to you, seems like a rash impulse to others. Your apparently risky behavior can take people by surprise. However, they may judge you unkindly because of your erratic actions now, possibly accusing you of acting irresponsibly or immaturely. Regardless of anyone’s expectations, your moment of truth has arrived. Declare who you are and what you want without shame. You light up the world when you shine.

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