You’re likely to find yourself especially relationship-focused today, dear Taurus, but things can feel a little heavy at times in the first half of the day, largely because the focus is on what’s not working rather than what’s running smoothly.

We can be a little suspicious or mistrustful today, and while this can lead to some useful forms of research or investigation, you should try to catch yourself from going beyond the point of skepticism and into trickier territory.

People may be bringing up things you’d prefer to forget. You feel far more comfortable with others and with yourself later today. Letting go of frustrating situations comes more naturally now.

Interpersonal intrigue adds complications to your life today as conversations tread into uncharted territory.

Although a discussion can reveal buried feelings, the outcome is relief once the truth is told. You have an opportunity to evolve and a chance to deepen an existing relationship now, if you’re willing to place yourself in a position of vulnerability.

Change doesn’t come easily to your fixed nature, but opening your heart brings sweet rewards. Babe Ruth said, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”

Saturn’s first week in direct motion is more about getting your bearings and adjusting as the focus turns from the rear view mirror to the road ahead.

Saturn is the planet that gives us our structure, discipline, willpower and a sense of being in control.

On the financial front in particular, but also in the pursuit of your passions and change itself, you have a chance to look to the future and start setting new goals.

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