The Moon and the Sun clash today, and so do the Sun and Jupiter in a minor way, dear Taurus, which can point to some feelings of being divided between two strong urges. Restlessness can take over at times today, and work or scheduled activities can be demanding at times.

There is a tendency to either overdo and push too hard, or to avoid responsibilities altogether, and neither situation is going to leave you feeling satisfied! If you’re not feeling up to par or your mood is up and down, it’s likely to do with immoderate activity or indecision.

Frustrations require a positive channel for release, and possibly a creative one with the Sun in your expressive fifth house — seek one out and go all in for best results.

A feast of good luck signals the temporary end to a difficult period of profound change. You are acutely aware of the many blessings in your life now; suddenly there are too many opportunities rather than none.

Although the current bounty assuredly feels better than the recent scarcity, you still long for simplicity, however elusive it may be today.

Economist E. F. Schumacher wrote, “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

Just days after Saturn’s direct turn in your financial sector late last week, the Moon is already here with a chance to regroup and get your bearings. For the past five months all the focus has been on the rear view mirror, with a chance to look to the future.

The accent is on the word ‘look’, for while the tide has turned on the financial front, it will take some time to see any movement. This gives you time to just listen to your financial instincts and imagination.

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