We′ve all faced many different personality types when it comes to the folks we work for. Have you ever considered applying astrology strategy when dealing with your own boss?

We thought it would be fun to explore this idea, so today, each sign is lined up for you to cross reference what sign your boss is, in the hopes we can provide a few suggestions for how best to get ahead of your cohorts and suck right up to the person who signs your paycheck!

How exciting to work for an Aries! You will likely never be bored working for a ram, but if you′re the type adverse to change, expect to be frustrated in a hurry. Aries can be like squirrels with a nut – one minute they′re crazy enthusiastic about building a hotel on a landfill, the next they′ve decided to focus attention on investing in a peanut butter company.

There may be no rhyme or reason to their goals, as long as they are engaged, that′s all that matters. Kiss up by becoming their right-hand – help them meet deadlines, keep them on track and be the one they vent their temper to before they take it out on someone else!

The Taurus boss is self-sufficient, and has very high standards. If you expect to make an impression on the bull boss – you better be resourceful and pay attention to details. Taurus needs to get things done right the first time and they don′t like to dilly dally.

Pay attention to opportunities to step up and ask for work – but make sure you do it perfectly or you might not get a second chance. They′ll respect you if you prove you can be counted on to present excellent work and help to ease their workload.

Don′t ever complain that you′re hung over or tired after a late night out – they respect their job as separate from their personal life and will expect the same from you.

The Gemini boss has no time to mess around. Their head will be chock full of ideas and they′ll probably be thinking 28 steps ahead of you. If you want to get into their good graces, be concise in your communication – keep it short and sweet. Go into your meetings prepared, with a list of intelligent ideas and keep them coming.

You′ll get bonus points for using technology to communicate, Geminis love being ahead of the pack on what′s cool and efficient. This boss will also appreciate if you can learn how to gauge their gears. Gear 1: High energy, engaging with everyone, gregarious and holding the spotlight. Gear 2: Head down, door closed – need to think ie. Do not disturb.

Most people are not selfless enough to realize that your boss has needs too – they aren′t just there to help you. If you can master the art of when and how to approach, you′ll be their favorite for sure.

Working for a Cancer boss can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling – or obnoxious and tiresome, depending on how you approach them. The sign of the crab is enormously sensitive and needs to know their feelings and ideas are validated. This boss could be the one who ‘goes with their gut,′ and uses intuition to make decisions or judgments.

To suck up effectively, tell them how much you believe in their ideas and don′t speak badly about anyone – be the best team player you can be. Beware of Cancer′s propensity for being passive-aggressive; they are not likely to be direct, so if you come on too strong, they may be hurt or annoyed.

Rather than telling you so, they′ll take it out on you in weird ways, like giving you side eye or throwing out snarky comments until they get over it.

The best way to a Leo boss′ happy place is to remember that flattery will get you everywhere. Make sure to tell them how great their ideas are and don′t ever interrupt them in a meeting – or face their wrath! Leos don′t like to be told they′re wrong, so if you disagree with something they′ve asked you to do, you′ll do it their way or figure out a constructive way to tell them it won′t work.

Lions love praise, being social and being in the spotlight, so giving them lots of credit will go a long way in sucking up to them. Be more social in your approach and let them know you respect them and defer to them as your leader and you′ll be on the way to being their favorite.

A Virgo boss could be a dream mentor – or a slave driver, depending on how confident they are in their own abilities. Hard-working Virgo is extremely particular and efficient – and they know they can get the job done on their own. If they are less evolved, they may be inclined to hoard the best work to make sure it gets done properly.

If you want to get on the right side of this hard to please boss, pay attention to the little details, be strategic, organized and make sure you understand their purpose so you can subscribe to it. Once they see you have the same attention to perfection they do, you′ll earn their respect.

Never hand in sloppy work, show up on time and make sure to iron everything you own – they despise slovenliness.

A Libra boss is interesting, as they have a hard time making decisions! They also struggle with making sure they are fair, which means things could become unclear in a hurry. If they feel someone′s interest is wavering, they might get on their side and delegate the good projects to pacify them. That means you have to get in line if you don′t speak up!

Libras also don′t want to hear you talk smack about others, so no throwing your team under the bus. If you really want to put yourself in their lap, listen to them carefully and help give them confidence in their ideas. Being more organized than they are could help too, they′ll appreciate you breaking things down for them so they can make a crystal clear choice.

A Scorpio boss is a force to be reckoned with – they make an impact on anything they take on. While Scorpio can be intimidatingly intense, they can also be inspiring leaders, charging forward with integrity and often bringing a transformative influence to anything they are committed to.

Get on their side by boldly speaking up – they won′t get flustered by a direct approach, and will respect you more for being open and confident. To get a solid in with a Scorpio boss, earn their trust and never give them reason to doubt you. Do not ever lie to them – they′ll see right through dishonesty and you′ll never earn their trust back.

They are very loyal to those they know they can rely on, so once you prove your worthiness, you′ll never have to be concerned.

Sagittarius is always looking to the bigger picture, to learning and discovering. Your Sagittarius boss does not want to get bogged down in the details, they need to be brainstorming and figuring things out on a larger scale. If you want to get into their good books, don′t waste time asking mundane questions, ask about their vision and find a way to help them achieve it.

Avoid negativity; the sign of the archer is incredibly optimistic and does not want to hear about petty arguments or struggles. Be an adult, check your emotional baggage at the door and keep the boring tasks off their desk. Bonus points for effectively using meeting times and solving problems for them.

If you show you get their visionary approach, your relationship will change – they′ll see you as an equal and co-contributor.

If you′re looking to get into the good graces of a Capricorn boss, be prepared to not see your family for a while. Get used to waking up before the sun rises, because you have to start by beating them into the office/warehouse/restaurant.

Caps can also be pretty pessimistic and will be wary of flattery, so the best way to compliment them is by trying to stay one step ahead of them and being cheerful (But not too cheerful!) about the work they give you. Don′t even think about leaving before them and you can′t brag about the extra time you′re putting in – it would defeat the purpose.

The glory of Capricorn′s success is in the work itself. Get a cot for your office – best of luck champ!

It′s not a surprise if your Aquarius boss has the heart of an entrepreneur (Or is one!) – this sign is tailor made to take on their own business, not least of all because they′re rebellious, innovative and quirky, so it could be either terribly inspiring or awfully annoying to work for one.

Aquarius is also all about purpose, it′s unlikely they′d do any type of job that doesn′t serve at least one of their values. To get on their good side, come up with bold ideas and show them that even if you don′t understand their ideas, you′re completely on board with their vision and willing to put in the work to see it to fruition.

Work the same weird hours as they do and keep emotions to non-existent status – this sign will not sympathize with your feelings, but will respond to you speaking your mind.

Successfully sucking up to your Pisces boss will depend on how evolved they are. If they′re fully in tune with their emotional side, the responsibility of being in charge could really wear on them, as they′ll likely get caught up in caring too much about their people. For this level, take a very personal problem to them one time to establish how human you are.

After you′ve bonded, turn to sympathy. “It must be so hard to deal with all of this!” Empathize and they′ll look to you as an emotional equal. If they′re an unevolved Pisces, good luck. This version is a self-pitying, perpetual victim, so you′ll never win. Guilt will be piled on everyone coming through the door and they′ll never see things from your point of view. Look for a transfer.

Understanding your own traits and best qualities can certainly help you navigate your life, but being able to translate the characteristics of other signs can be just as beneficial to you. When it comes to getting the edge at work, take any advantage you can get!

Did we hit the nail on the head? Have you tried to apply astrological strategy to your workplace in the past? Let us know what′s worked for you – we can use all the help we can get!

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