Your social life, close relationships, partnerships, and companionship are in stronger focus today with the Moon in your solar seventh house all day, dear Taurus. Also today, Venus moves into your communications sector for the next three and a half weeks.

During this creative cycle, you’re likely to enjoy greater involvement with siblings, neighbors, classmates, and acquaintances. You might take pleasure in running errands or opportunities open up to you as you go about your daily affairs.

You also enjoy exploring mental interests and topics as well as learning new things. Love and communications are connected to one another in significant ways now. For some, there can be increased communications with friends and lovers, or you are meeting people through daily routines, transportation, and places of learning.

You’re also bringing more charm and warmth to your communications, and you might take on the role of mediator.

It’s imperative to own up to any fears you harbor about getting what you really want in a relationship. Unfortunately, your worries can become deterrents to the very happiness you seek.

Your key planet Venus swims into sentimental Cancer today, softening your feelings and heightening your receptivity to love.

Luckily, your slow-and-steady-wins-the-race methodology works wonders now. Some people succeed because they are destined, but the Bull succeeds because it is determined.

The timing of Venus’ return to your communication sector today couldn’t be better. As the planet of love and guardian of your relationships Venus has returned to give both your heart and your relationships a voice.

How serendipitous then that Venus should return to find the Moon in your relationship sector, fuelling your emotional responses to relationship matters.

Even more important is that the Moon is here to help you line up for major relationship developments ahead.

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4, 28, 38, 39, 41, 42

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