In the early hours of the day, dear Taurus, you may feel you’ve reached an impasse in a conversation, or you could feel completely misunderstood, and it’s difficult not to dwell on it.

Do your best to settle your mind and aim to put your problem aside to tackle it at a later date when obstacles may seem more surmountable.

The energies of the day turn around considerably, and as early as this morning, you’re ready to move forward and enjoy the positive things in your life.

Your best bet now with the Sun in your resources sector connecting harmoniously with Jupiter is to focus on the many positive things you already have in place in your life, as well as on your work and self-care programs that inspire and motivate you.

You have a strong desire to work and produce, so take advantage. Money, business, work, health, and methods are particularly favorable today.

You can’t take the easy way out today by begrudgingly accepting your current situation. You long for someone or something you can’t have or shouldn’t covet.

Rather than wasting your most creative ideas because you’re lost in fantasies, talk about your desires with a trusted coworker or friend.

t’s not an all-or-nothing proposition; scaling back your expectations does not indicate impending defeat.

In fact, incorporating a more pragmatic view opens the door to unexpected opportunities previously unconsidered. Developing a practical plan brings you the success you seek.

Having the Moon on board during Jupiter’s last weekend in your work sector is giving you an intuitive edge as the tide gets ready to turn.

At a time when work and job matters need to pull back and even slow down to a crawl, this will give you an intuitive read on how to play things.

With Mars leaving your income sector tomorrow, there is also a need to have your money hat on.

A sense of what you’re fighting is key to the decision that will eventually be made on the job front. For now though, they can wait.

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