This morning’s energies continue to be useful for resolving old issues, Taurus — a carryover from yesterday. In fact, until the 9th, there can be quite a bit of attention given to problems and how to handle or manage them, especially related to your home life or close loved ones, that will help clear the path for new beginnings.

You are also in good shape for pleasant work and home activities today, so do your best to both work and play as you improve your home and family environment. You’re certainly getting these things into better shape, so there is cause to celebrate.

The Moon in your public/career sector insists that you come up for air from time to time and consider long-term goals and responsibilities, which can be a bit of a distraction but can also help you gain perspective lest you bury yourself too deeply in personal matters.

You don’t like to repeat yourself, especially if talking about your emotions was difficult the first time around. However, rational Mercury is back-stepping through your 4th House of Security, requiring you to revisit the past and clear the air of your unresolved feelings.

You could have unexpressed anger tied up in a complicated domestic situation, prompting you to keep your discomfort to yourself.

Don’t fall into the trap of denial now. Bravely navigating rough waters is better than pretending all is well. Neale Donald Walsch wrote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

The Moon has come full circle from last month’s lunar eclipse on the career front, right in the middle of some of the most important days of the year on the home front.

While this does put your home and professional lives into conflict, all this does is expose anything that needs changing.

Work/life balance is now being policed, with extremes on both sides today making any balance issues more obvious. You can’t change what you can’t see.

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