Your inner world is a high draw these days, dear Taurus, with Venus in your privacy sector. It’s been in this sector for a relatively long time and will move on into your sign on June 6th.

Today, Venus connects with Saturn, and you could be particularly happy spending time alone or with trusted friends or family. You might decide to give up a personal pleasure to gain something more significant to you in the long term. Coming to someone’s aid or support might figure strongly now.

Some level of solitude or privacy can be helpful. There is a stronger appreciation for those things that have long-term value, as well as people with whom you feel comfortable. You see the beauty in age and experience now. Bonding with someone can happen today based on support and reliability.

You could fall in love with something as ethereal as a rainbow today. Its beauty is not in question, but the practicality of this love is non-existent.

It’s not wise to make any impulsive commitments now, since you’re all too willing to overlook faults you might consider a deal-breaker on another day.

Your key planet Venus is receiving strong support from karmic Saturn, empowering your common sense. Keep in mind that long-term satisfaction always wins over transient pleasure.

As he moves into his final days in your income sector Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is empowered by his opposition with Saturn earlier in the week.

For most planets, financial tension and pressure would put a dent in your financial confidence. Yet not due to return to your career sector until 2019, this has lit a fire in the warrior planet of the cosmos’ belly.

It’s time to come out fighting when it comes to the things you deserve.

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