A New Moon occurring today brings robust and take-charge energy to your work and health pursuits, Taurus. Think about what needs to go, even if it’s an intangible such as a bad attitude, in order for you to enjoy your life more fully in these areas of service, daily routines, healthy living, work, and contribution with a new beginning ahead of you.

For some, it’s a new job, focus, or project, but for most, this cycle is about getting on top of daily schedules and routines and taking better care of your everyday life. You are highly motivated to start fresh, but it’s important to pace yourself so that you don’t burn out quickly.

Get the plan right in the next few days before pushing forward. This is a good cycle for health checkups, starting a new nutrition or fitness regimen, organizing your affairs, and improving your skills or methods.

You’ll soon have the support, drive, and energy of Mars in this same sector. This New Moon occurs at a time of a Sun-Uranus opposition that can have you feeling divided, overwhelmed, or constrained, and ready to break free of these frustrations.

You are challenged to find a better balance between work and rest now. Your new beginnings may be the result of an unexpected change that alters your focus or direction.

You are eager to do your share of the work, but only if everyone else does the same. The gracious Libra New Moon occurs in your 6th House of Employment, enabling you to play nicely with your coworkers unless you conclude someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

You may appear complacent today, but anyone who thinks they can take advantage of you is in for a big surprise.

Nevertheless, you’re willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. W. Edwards Deming wrote, “When we cooperate, everybody wins.”

A New Moon is a coming together of the Sun and Moon and alongside each other, this doesn’t usually create tension. It is a Full Moon, when the Moon and Sun are in opposition that can create pressure.

Yet in the lead up to tomorrow’s New Moon in your work sector, work tension or job pressure is rising. This is a familiar standoff between forces that want you to keep your work hat on and those that want you to keep it off.

Yet working together the Sun, Moon and Venus can use this to push for a fresh start and new beginnings.

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