You might enjoy excellent prospects involving your family or home life now, dear Taurus, as Venus in your solar fourth house connects harmoniously with Saturn. This can be a good time to invest in your comfort, home, security, and safety.

Giving back or maintaining something you love makes a lot of sense now. It’s also an excellent day for connecting with people you care about. Being humble, listening, and paying attention to tried and true methods all have their rewards today, much more so than flashy moves.

People appreciate your predictability and loyalty today, and you’re drawn to situations that make you feel safe. This can be a decent time for purchases or acquisitions related to collections, investments, real estate, and antiques. Focus on moderation and balance.

You revel in the certainty that today’s good intentions will reap tomorrow’s just rewards. Although your practicality may be tested now, your consistent actions add up in your favor.

Stay strong and keep the faith, even if the attainment of your goals seems closer to a distant horizon than to your doorstep. Continue moving forward one step at a time.

Author Josh Shipp wrote, “Perseverance is stubbornness with a purpose.”

When Jupiter leaves your work sector next month the Moon will be in your income sector at the time. This will give you a nose for money as Jupiter hands the reins over to the planets that will take it from there.

Yet backtrack four weeks and the Moon is making its last visit before then, with a chance to already steer things in to a lucrative direction.

With the pace of the year only increasing, a nose for money will make it easier to work smarter.

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