There can be a lot of excitement and forward movement in your life these days, Taurus, but today’s Sun-Saturn square asks you to slow down or make some adjustments. You might experience temporary blocks or doubts about a recent endeavor or relationship.

Filling your heart’s desire is not straightforward just for now. Getting back on track may require a rest or some tweaking of expectations.

This is not the time to rush things! What you think you should do and what you want to do can be at odds right now, but cutting corners won’t help, as you’re likely to be accountable if you do.

As well, if you’re feeling insecure, remind yourself that what you think you’re lacking is probably exaggerated in your mind’s eye. Aim to work on improving those things that you can and forget about the rest.

Your thoughts may run all over the place today as you consider your role in a current partnership. Nevertheless, your common sense prevails, even if it’s not obvious how you justify your conclusions. Ultimately, fear can rule the day unless you consciously choose the high road.

However, keeping your heart open is more than just stating your intention. Walking a mile in another person’s shoes drastically alters your perspective. Never assume you know what’s going on until you do.

At the same time that Venus aligns with the North Node on the home front, she sends a clear message to your professional game that she is making work/life balance her personal mission.

As you move into the busiest months of the year this is important, especially with things set to become a lot busier and a lot more urgent on the job front over the coming months.

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