The day is excellent for putting concerted energy and quality time into a creative project or even a love relationship, dear Taurus, especially this morning. You find it easy to get carried away, in a nice kind of way!

As the day advances, you’re more likely to unwind, but you’re also well-starred for your social and romantic life. While the usual retrograde Mercury cautions are still in effect, this is a good time for expressing your affection.

Generally the Venus-Chiron influence active today is good for presenting your ideas or your case, but you may need to hold off on the big things.

However, your actions and mannerisms can certainly help build trust and win favor now. If there have been relationship difficulties, you might feel a gentle rush of optimism and energy to repair them.

You adopt a methodical approach to nearly everything today, including recreational activities. You believe you will have more availability to chill out with your friends if you carefully work it into your schedule.

You might receive criticism for your overly practical behavior now, but you really don’t mind. Maximizing your time is crucial so there is plenty of room on the calendar for rejuvenating your spirit and reconnecting with those you love.

Psychologist Kevin Leman wrote, “You can be a genius, but you won’t get far in life without balance.”

It is during her final days in your communication sector that Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships, has her most important encounter.

That encounter is with Chiron, planet of healing and in retrograde motion this is a chance to give your heart, relationships, the past and unsaid words a voice.

The planets of love and healing come together to create an opportunity to build bridges and to help heal.

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