You’re in a “taking care of business” frame of mind today, dear Taurus, but all sorts of little things can go awry now, mainly related to communications and transportation, and it can be difficult to center yourself.

There can be uncomfortable moments or changes of schedule that throw you a bit off course as your ruler, Venus, forms a hard angle to erratic Uranus.

You also enjoy conversing and connecting these days, more than usual, but today you can be unsure how close you want to get, or you could feel disconnected and misunderstood.

Recognize the need for a little more freedom and space so that you find ways to attain these things without too much ado.

Irrational desires explode into awareness today, rattling your cage and disturbing the peace. You can imagine how expressing your feelings now could shake up a current relationship or inspire a new one.

However, you may simply bury your newly awakened attractions because you don’t necessarily like the idea of change. Unfortunately, denial only increases the emotional charge.

Instead, reenergize existing relationships by initiating conversations about intimacy, and then listen more than you talk.

Life coach Tony Gaskins said, “Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life. Without it, it dies.”

Having the Moon in your work sector as Jupiter moves into his final seven weeks is both sharpening your instincts and providing the push to start making things happen.

When the Moon returns next month it will be its last encounter with Jupiter here for another 11 years, but neither want to wait until then.

Especially as by this time next month the Sun will be on board. Today is all about listening to your emotional, intuitive and imaginative responses and to what excites you.

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