The Moon moves into your privacy sector for a stay of just over two days, dear Taurus. This is a good transit for getting extra time to yourself and for healing or detoxifying.

Today, confusing impressions or sensitivities, a feeling that you can’t make a deadline or a general sense of being overwhelmed by work can interfere with your interactions. This is a time to re-evaluate matters and allow yourself more time, not to give something up.

Forgive yourself if you haven’t met a goal and evaluate where you can make adjustments to get back on track. The day can be scattered energetically, but tonight, you’re in a good position for thinking or talking things out.

Conversations are a little more compassionate, reasonable, and supportive, but they’re also growth-oriented, so be prepared for honesty.

You’re excited to start a new project at work today, but one thing after another blocks your progress.

Although someone’s lack of confidence in your plan could influence others not to support your efforts, your self-doubt also contributes to your current troubles.

Don’t talk yourself out of your personal success by letting someone discourage your ambitious attitude. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals; be your own source of motivation.

Andy Roddick said, “At one point in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don’t.”

In the lead up to the weekend’s Full Moon in Taurus, making the most of a chance together for not only some serious friendship and relationship building, but for healing.

Mercury and Chiron, the planets of communication and healing come together today in a way that allows you to bury the hatch or to lay old relationship ghosts and demons to rest.

This is equally healing on the relationship and friendship fronts, but especially where they come together.

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