Being clear about what you’d like to change in your emotional world or a special connection is one thing. But adopting a short term attitude or approach won’t help you to connect with the bigger picture surrounding your romantic dreams.

Passionate developments await if you take one careful step after another toward a romantic relationship goal. Keeping your focus on the future is just as important as what you do in the present.

Priceless Venus arrives in your 2nd House of Personal Resources, inspiring you with ways to add more thoughtful organization to your little corner of the universe today.

Your penchant to make progress in your love life will also be in clear focus as you consider clarifying your long-term goals, knowing that the way you approach romance is shifting and you yearn for a brand, new paradigm.

If you share a home with a partner, talking about tightening up the daily details of your mutual life will make you feel safe and secure. Whatever and whomever you love, you want to fiercely protect, more than ever; you might even feel like a superhero right now. All you need is a cape.

With the current aspect, love is very much about fun and laughter. It is not so much about passion, as it is about finding out which values you share, and the kind of interests you both enjoy.

Basically it is a process of discovery that is enjoyable and a great deal of fun, and which will lead you into deeper waters, if this is what you really want.

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