The Moon remains in Gemini and in your 2nd house of finances and personal resources, however it is squaring Neptune in your 11th house as well today.

Do you really that there is a direct connection between involving others in your work process and the amount of money that you make? This planetary configuration is asking you to reflect on that.

It naturally makes sense that when you don’t attempt to do everything on your own, it allows more work to get done quicker and more efficient when several people are putting their effort into it.

Expressions such as “two heads are better than one” and “it takes a team to make the dream” are based on practical truths.

This is great time to practice learning how to work better with others and maximize your efficiency and productivity, allowing you to increase your income.

You have oodles of compassion and love for someone you’re romantically linked with at this moment.
The shortest day of the year is also the longest night of the year as the Solstice Sun arrives in your 9th House of Higher Truth, bringing you deep insights about matters of the heart.

You may feel like escaping into a romantic cocoon with a sweetheart while sweet Venus and esoteric Neptune cosmically collaborate today.

As you do your best to take care of the one you love, be sure you’re also taking care of yourself right now.

Emotions could create a haze when it comes to conveying yourself, so choose your words carefully when opening up to a loved one.

If one topic of discussion is better off being left for another time, then that might need to be accepted.

It is possible to say too much or create an information overload which only hampers any chances of you being understood in ways you want to be.

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