The Moon could play a part in you being noticeably more distant or detached from the object of your affections. But this could be helpful if it encourages them to make more effort to reach out to you.

You could find that by putting the ball in someone else’s court to open, reopen or widen the communication lines, it happens in a way you’ll both be grateful for.

As you look for ways to improve the financial part of your current romantic relationship, you wonder if you and your mate are doing all the right things to set yourselves up for the future.

One thing you might not have examined, however, is your personal attitude toward money. You might have a mental block that’s keeping you from the abundance you desire. A fresh perspective can come from changing some furniture around and sprucing up your space.

When the right moment comes along, have a chat with your partner about your revelations for turning your mutual success up a couple of notches. The answer to your passionate quest lies within!

The Moon is in Aries and in your 12th house, however it is also squaring the Sun in your 3rd house of communication.

This planetary configuration is highlighting that while it is important to share the more private and hidden parts of yourself with your partner and be in open communication about them, it is also important to be able to talk about other things. For example, common mental pursuits and interests, it doesn’t always have to be all so “serious” and “deep”.

It is healthy and even necessary to be able to talk to your partner about most things, even the ones you would consider little or insignificant. It is good to make sure that you and your partner have clear/open communication and mental resonance with one another.

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