Personal life may be like a see-saw for Taurus natives as the situation may move with some ups and downs. You may be entrusted with a responsibility on the domestic front. Planets indicate you may get a proposal during the month.

A change in residence may not be ruled out. Married couples may need to be careful in their relationship as the period may not be suitable for them. Differences in opinions and aggression may put up challenges in your love life. Singles may get suitable proposals through their hometown or family members.

The month may come up with difficult times as it may get necessary for you to balance out your work as well as relationships during the phase. Get more amicable with colleagues and be determined in your objectives and responsibilities.

You may receive some good news related to your relationship and work achievements. Overall it may be a good month for income but expenses may also rise considerably. Grooming or shopping for yourself may pinch your pocket for the month.

Ensure you chart out a balance sheet to keep a check on your income and expenses. Make sure you maintain equilibrium between your personal and professional life. Keep away from excessive use of electronic gadgets for sound and adequate sleep and healthy eyes. Natives suffering from nerve-related issues may need to avoid heavy exercises.

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