If matters of the heart become driven more by fantasy then reality, then there’s no harm in letting that happen.

Whether you use this time to ponder passionate possibilities with a potential partner or reveal what you’d like to experience with the one you love, opening your mind or the lines of communication can result in something very arousing and alluring.

Thinking about romance can be a sentimental journey today as the tender Moon creates a harmonious angle to your ruling planet, Venus.

You may find yourself pouring over old love letters, photos, or private journal entries that remind you of a long-lost love. Inspirational vibes arrive as you consider reaching out to an old flame, hoping to have a chat about the old days.

Interruptions arrive later in the day, which might be annoying, but you’ll find a way to get back to your romantic reverie soon, especially if it makes you swoon. Such little escapes can make a world of difference for you right now.

The Moon is in Leo and in your 4th house, however, it is also opposing Mars in your 10th house as well.

This is emphasizing the importance of finding balance between being content to spend one on one time with your partner on your own and also finding some kind of project or collaborative work that you can do together out there in the world.

So often people end up feeling frustrated, bored and restless in their partnerships and that could very well be because they seek to create something larger and less “personal” with their lovers.

How can you and your partner find something that you both feel called towards and start some kind of project where you pursue that mutual calling of yours?

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