It’s Taurus season until May 20, and well—conditions aren’t exactly what you’d wish for when blowing out your birthday candles, are they?

It may be a time to lean into your practical nature rather than your pleasure-loving side. Better yet, find a happy medium. (And yes, cake is included!) You’re a stable and resilient earth sign, which keeps you grounded during the toughest of times. But you’re also ruled by decadent Venus. Too much of the no-frills life does not a blissful Bull maketh.

For the first three weeks of May, no matter how out-of-step it might seem, put your personal goals front and center. With the Sun heating up your first house of new initiatives, a passion project could leap ahead. Fresh starts are encouraged, even if you’re just mapping out post-pandemic plans. Look for ways you can take one bold action each day. Every great venture requires many steps before launching. Surely you could square away a few of those or rally some key supporters to your side.

The May 7 Scorpio full moon spotlights your seventh house of committed partnerships. Who are the people on Team Taurus? Take inventory. Some may not deserve inner-circle status, others not so much. At this transformational full moon, you may decide to call off a relationship—or you could make things totally official. A romantic or business alliance may be due for an upgrade. Use these penetrating moonbeams to get to the heart of any conflicts or crossroads you’ve reached. Is there a promising long-term future here? If yes, sign on that dotted line!

There’s a VERY good reason to get your goals on track and your relationships on rock-solid ground early in the month. On May 11, retrograde high season begins, as three planets reverse course within a four-day window. Structured Saturn makes the first U-turn that day, then affectionate Venus on May 13, followed by expansive Jupiter on May 14. While news of a retrograde can spark alarm, many people don’t realize that the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde for four to five months every year, a relatively benign influence in some cases.

These retrogrades will impact the career and financial sectors of your chart, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But you’ll certainly be asked to evaluate your plans with a keen eye and to be prepared to pivot where needed. A project you put on the back burner might show promise again. Who knows? Perhaps timing will be on your side. Look back over anything you shelved to see if it’s a fit for the current marketplace.

Let’s start with Venus, which turns retrograde every 18 months for a period of six weeks. As one of the “inner planets” (the galactic group between the Sun and Earth)—and the ruler of Taurus—you may feel the impact of this reversal the most. Venus retrograde is notorious for disrupting romantic and social lives. Tact, compassion and politeness can go MIA. Couples fight, usually about unresolved issues that resurface, and ex-lovers come crawling out of the woodwork.

Venus will be retrograde from May 13 to June 25 in Gemini and your second house of work, money and self-confidence. During this time, the material and sensual pleasures your sign craves could be in short supply. Your inner epicurean may ache for massages, blowouts, mani-pedis, dinners not picked up or prepared at home…heck, ANY reason to dress up and swan about for a couple hours. As a sensual-yet-sensible earth sign, you can only do “no frills” to a point. Some Bulls might be getting anxious about returning to the office, feeling the social and monetary strain of #WorkFromHome life.

Magnetic Venus is associated with money (and our ability to attract it). Some of your usual financial sources might be thwarted by the retrograde. Many people are already experiencing this under pandemic shutdowns. If you’re in a relationship, the strain of the economic crisis could get to you both.

So, how can you keep prosperity flowing? Remember this: Retrogrades rule the past. Look back in order to look forward. Who do you know? A former employer or a revived old income stream could offset any dips in your earnings. Or a back-burnered project might resurface. Seize the opportunity! Scroll through your contact list and book a catchup call or Zoom. Politely inquire if they need any short-term help. You never know!

With structured Saturn spinning retrograde from May 11 to September 29, you’ve got even more incentive to tighten up your professional plans. Saturn will reverse through Aquarius and your tenth house of career until July 1, then it will dip back into Capricorn and your expansive ninth house for the duration. Where are the weak links on Team Taurus—or in your master plan?

Saturn is the astrological architect and building inspector. He comes along to find flaws in the foundation—and urges you to fix them before you attempt to build a tower on shaky ground. This is the “bad news” that’s actually good news. During Saturn retrograde, return to the drafting board and draw up stronger plans for the next phase of your career.

The tenth house also rules fathers and men. Your relationship with an important guy might go through a major overhaul between now and July 1. A paternal figure or predominant family member could figure into your soul-searching. You might decide it’s time to step into your own authority and leadership. Saturn rules boundaries: How porous are yours? Examine your accountability and where you can take more responsibility for your own life…and less for everyone else’s. While your “provider” impulses are noble, they might be keeping you locked in an unequal dynamic that doesn’t serve your greater goals.

When Jupiter, the planet of risk and growth, turns retrograde in your adventurous ninth house from May 14 to September 12, life could feel like an endless grind at moments if you’re not careful Where’s the fun, spontaneity and pleasure? You’ll need to counter this consciously, Taurus—and get creative. The ninth house rules higher learning, entrepreneurship and travel. With so many vacations and warm-weather outings in danger of cancellation (will the beaches even open?), Jupiter retrograde could bring on an early bout of the summertime blues.

Get inventive and find ways to still enjoy seasonal pleasures, even if that happens with a smaller group of people or at a moment’s notice. While Venus retrograde forces some belt-tightening in May and June, that doesn’t mean you can’t put a few dollars aside every week and start an entertainment fund. Be sure to avoid booking anything that’s not 100 percent refundable, yet you might actually score a great deal while the travel industry’s in distress. Or you’ll have a little dinero set aside to book an impromptu getaway the minute social distancing rules are relaxed.

If you’ve got a brewing business idea—or one you abandoned a while back—Jupiter retrograde is a great time to dust it off and do your homework. Sign up for an online course to learn necessary skills. Work on your marketing plan, revenue projections or branding. There’s always a big ramp-up time before launch anyhow. Starting late December 2020, you’ll have both lucky Jupiter AND disciplined Saturn in Aquarius for a year, an excellent time to take calculated risks in business. Lay the foundation now, and you’ll be uber-prepared when that time comes. It might FEEL interminable, but we’ll get there sooner than you know.

Your motivation surges on May 20, when the Sun moves into Gemini and your industrious second house. At the May 22 Gemini new moon, a six-month window opens for new sources of income and prosperity. Since Taurus is the second zodiac sign, you’re the natural ruler of this house—so you’re literally in the zone here. Do what your sign does best: Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

What do you stand for, Taurus? Your romantic values become a hot-button issue this month as well as for the next several. Amorous Venus, your ruling planet, is making an extended trip through Gemini and your second house of morals, self-worth and sensuality. Are your needs getting met, physically and beyond? Quarantines notwithstanding, May prompts you to take a closer look.

Venus will turn retrograde (backward) in Gemini from May 13 to June 25, a tricky transit that could put further strain on partners and paramours alike. It’s hardly what the world needs in the midst of a global pandemic, but here we are. This cycle will highlight any cracks in your own confidence as well as fissures in a relationship where you may not want the same things for the long haul. Differences—in religion, politics, food preferences, daily habits—will become more pronounced. What’s a deal breaker, and what can you overcome?

Venus goes retrograde for about six weeks every 18 months, a challenging time for relationships. Couples fight more, and resentments can linger. The headlines are dotted with celebrity breakup stories. Our normal stores of patience and diplomacy go MIA. Since retrogrades can bring back the past, you might hear from an ex or two, or experience the resurgence of an issue you thought was resolved.

A moment of truth could arrive at the May 7 Scorpio full moon, which spotlights your house of committed relationships. For couples, this can bring a major “will we or won’t we?” turning point. Single Bulls may have talks about making things official, or you could meet someone (yes, even virtually) with LTR potential. With Venus retrograde just a week away, you might as well get everything out into the open.

Meantime, the other love planet, Mars, will split the month between two signs, turning your focus to the bigger picture. Mars is in Aquarius and your goal-oriented tenth house from March 30 to May 12, helping you focus on the long term. This can offset some of the more immediate daily irritations that flare up—you’re better able to pick your battles. Or it can make your evaluation of the future even more imperative. For many, this time of quarantine has revealed the shortcomings of a connection. Get real with yourself AND them, Taurus.

Right before the retrograde, Mars moves into Pisces and your eleventh house of friendship and casual connections from May 12 to June 27. This could take some of the pressure off your urge to lock down a solid future. Sparks could fly with a friend or someone you meet online, and for once, you won’t feel compelled to rush it!

Key Dates:
May 3: Venus-Neptune square
If you find yourself confused about a love issue today, one thing you do not want to do is go running to your inner circle for answers. Ask three people, and you’ll get six opinions! Under this emotional and perplexing mashup, it’s better to tap your own higher wisdom. The more you do this, the stronger the guidance will become. You’ll get another chance to check in when Venus squares Neptune again (this time while retrograde) on May 20.

Reset time! It’s Taurus season until May 20, and even if conditions in the job market are still wildly uncertain, you’re eager to get yourself out there in whatever way you can. Let those innovative ideas out. It never hurts to explore—so put out a few feelers and see what happens. A promising partnership or contract could come together at the May 7 Scorpio full moon. Someone could make a tempting offer, or on the flip side, you might decide to part ways with a collaborator.

Midmonth, structured Saturn turns retrograde in your career zone, followed by Jupiter in your expansion sector, slowing down big plans until late September. You may need to scale down or go back to the drawing board before you can complete an ambitious launch. Lean into your trademark patience and persistence. Take small, sensible actions each day, especially when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Gemini on May 20, energizing your productive second house. The May 22 Gemini new moon could bring a fresh source of income or revenue. Make a plan and get moving!

Key Dates:
May 9: Mercury-Pluto trine
Your big-picture thinking will come in handy today, especially if there’s a juicy deal you’re eager to close on. Bring the parties together around the conference room table and let the negotiations begin!

Love Days: 3, 7
Money Days: 22, 13
Luck Days: 22, 11
Off Days: 18, 5, 9

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