You may have to work a little harder to love today. It’s easy to get in a slump or a rut, so try to fight it with the energy and power that you’re capable of.

By developing a routine or a rhythm that will promote your mental, physical, and emotional health, you’ll be able to generate a confidence and love for yourself that you can then radiate into your relationship or search for love.

Some chaos could create distorted or unrealistic views with affairs of the heart or be the catalyst for confusion in a love relationship.

However, whatever’s getting shaken or stirred is something you and someone close will gain clearer and more accurate insight into once the proverbial dust settles.

For now, try not to view any love life situations too seriously. Whatever arises at this time has a workable solution that will present itself if you can combine a sense of humor with patience.

The Moon is still in Sag and in your 8th house today, however it is also trining the Sun in your 4th house.

This is highlighting the importance of spending time with your partner at home, just being without having to do stuff all the time to keep yourselves entertained or fulfilled with one another.

Is it easy for you to have quality time with your partner, where being in each others presence is enough without having to fill it up with activities?

Today would be a great time to spend some time at home with your love and maybe cook something for them, watch a movie and just cuddle.

It is necessary to do that every once in a while as that provides you and your partner the chance to drop in, talk about things that are relevant and therefore experience more depth and intimacy with each other.

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