You and your partner could be on opposite teams when it comes to a specific matter in your relationship.

Rather than focusing on what the other person is saying and trying to understand each other’s viewpoints, you are both digging your heels in.

Relationships are about give and take, and this is a moment when there needs to be more giving than taking. Fortunately, a compromise is almost always possible, which means that neither of you will feel obligated to fold.

If you’re keen to move something forward between you and a certain person, then you could experience an epiphany that makes clear what your passionate plan of action must be.

Your strategy is likely to be uncomplicated and possibly as straight to the point as it needs to be, so don’t convince yourself that your message of love will become convoluted or misinterpreted.

The Moon is in Gemini and in your 2nd house, however it is also trining Mars in your 10th house today. A necessary part of any healthy, long-lasting and fulfilling relationship is having common values as those of your partner.

This tends to be something that people bypass when they are getting intimately involved with someone, it eventually ends up catching up to them and presents a real dilemma.

So it would be relevant to ask yourself today if that is something you generally pay attention to and if you have that with your current partner or not.

One of the major things that forms the basis of whether two people have values that are in alignment is whether they seek to build and create similar things in their lives.

As the things that we wish to pursue are generally indicators of what we care about and believe in.

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