Intuition flows more than ever today, helping you tap into ways of making extraordinary progress in your love life.

Like so many, you’ve had a few setbacks lately, but it’s becoming clear that you are seemingly made of something indestructible your resilience is practically supernatural.

If you’re currently unattached (how is that even possible?) you’ll be extra ready to update your look, get back into shape, and make a sexy comeback. Someone special is waiting for your call: Believe it!

Whether you’re single or spoken-for, you could feel more aware of what you want and need from a love connection. But you’re equally aware of what you offer one.

This increased confidence can help you cross a romantic or relationship line you’ve felt comfortable remaining behind. Daring to be different, do something differently, or bolder in the name of love is what it’s all about now.

Today is the perfect day for you to communicate those feelings that you generally don’t feel comfortable sharing with your partner. The Moon is in Aries and in your 12th house.

True connection is not possible if you are not willing to share your “darker” secrets with your partner.

We generally think that if we were to express certain things that we would scare our partners away, but the reality is, if that is a relationship worth keeping, it will actually only bring you closer.

How can you develop an agreement with your partner where you promise to be transparent and honest with one another while holding safe space for each other?

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