A sense of nostalgia creeps in today, but not every memory is sweet and you may still be running through certain speeches that you never gave.

Time can heal most wounds, but some take a little letting go on our parts. Know that you’re not losing anything by freeing these situations from your mind, because reliving them over and over only keeps you there.

It’s for your own benefit to set down these negative memories where they were and move forward into a happier future.

Don’t convince yourself that a problem shared will turn into a problem doubled. One of the critical skills a good listener possesses is identifying someone’s need to get something off their chest.

You appear to have an ideal sounding board available to you now. See for yourself how opening up to somebody offers a new and beneficial perspective on an old issue.

Mars in your sign increases your courage and grit, dear Taurus, but there are times when you need to slow down a little. Today, some sensitivity experienced with others could have you second-guessing.

Something from the past might seem to undermine your confidence at the moment. The desire to put something behind you once and for all can be strong, but it may not be easy to follow through.

Take the time to center yourself before getting yourself back in the game. You would be wise to deal with matters that you’ve left unfinished, and even baby steps toward so doing can help.

Circumstances may be such that you need to let go of a tendency to hold on too tightly to your beliefs and customs if they’re only causing frustration. A delightful change of pace is in the air with the Moon’s move into your sign later today.

Today’s Quote: “Transformation is my favorite game and in my experience, anger and frustration are the result of you not being authentic somewhere in your life or with someone in your life. Being fake about anything creates a block inside of you. Life can’t work for you if you don’t show up as you.”

Creativity: Fair

Love: Good

Business: Good

Lucky Numbers: 6, 27, 36, 40, 42, 43

Daily Compatibility: Virgo

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