Sentimental feelings color your day today as you find yourself diving into memories of romance from long ago. This can be such an enjoyable exercise, but not for everyone.

If you have things you’d rather release and not think about again, take this opportunity to purge your regrets and recollections that still seem to sting.

By hanging onto the past, you’re not letting yourself embrace the present, nor the future. For love’s sake, see if you can let go of these memories which are taking up valuable psychic space inside of you. Your future will be so much brighter if you only shine your light forward, not backward.

Taking your foot off the proverbial gas pedal when it comes to making romantic or relationship progress might not be a bad idea. This will help you see what your passionate efforts have brought so far.

Whether you’re single or attached, your mission with matters of the heart involves breaking what feels stuck or tedious. But brief distancing could bring the perspective you need.

The Moon is in Aries today and in your 12th house however, it is also squaring Pluto in your 9th house. This configuration is highlighting the importance of having your romantic partnerships have a spiritual or even intellectual aspect to them.

This allows you and your partner to connect on so many more levels than just the physical and emotional ones.

When your relationship is something that provides your life with higher meaning and is a source of fulfillment, it enables you to much more easily be able to work through any negative or unpleasant feelings you have about your partnership.

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