Where your partner ends and you begin could become unclear today. While a certain amount of give and take is necessary for any type of relationship, it’s critical you identify whether or not your needs are still getting met.

Feeling romantically fulfilled helps prevent resentment from building, so speak up and let what you want to be known. He or she may be more receptive and willing to accommodate you than you had anticipated.

Even if a loved one is a source of irritation or disappointment, you’re able to take the high road and bring humor to any frustrating scenario.

Sure, you can make your displeasure known and invite a wave of tension into a love connection but doing so could make one issue appear bigger than it is.

You know someone close is watching and waiting to see how you respond. Do something that surprises and relieves them. Laugh it off.

The Moon remains in Aquarius and in your 10th house, however it is also opposing Venus in your 4th house today.

This is emphasizing that while it is important to pay attention to the eternal aspects of your romantic partnership and have your relationship be an inspiration and example to the rest of the world, it is equally important, that you tend to the internal aspects of it as well.

Not doing so, you risk getting lost in being too concerned with appearances, caring so much about how the world perceives your partnership, that you neglect the relationship itself.

Make sure that you are the one who is content and fulfilled in your partnership.

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