There may be a situation today that requires cutting your losses and moving forward, dear Sagittarius, or you may be focusing on a matter that simply hasn’t developed enough to warrant so much attention.

There can be a part of you (Mercury in your solar ninth house) that is feeling especially free and happy today, wanting to focus on the positive, new, and untried, while another part (Saturn in the second) is worried, feeling guilty, and concerned with practicalities or traditions.

A state of ambivalence is not your favorite place to be, so work on choosing a position and owning it, or save a problem for another day.

It’s a good time for recognizing the need for adjustments, though, and for making edits and refinements.

It’s time to point the Archer’s arrow at yourself and do some real soul-searching. You love globetrotting and playing to the crowd, but how’s your connection to your inner world?

With a lunar emphasis on the most hidden part of yourself, now is a perfect time to shine a light on any lingering blockages that may be weakening your own foundations.

When you purify yourself, take ownership, and apply your high-minded philosophies to your own life, miracles are likely to occur.

Never doubt the possibility of instant transformation when you reclaim your power.

Something has been unleashed across the income, work and career fronts that individually isn’t game changing, but collectively has the power to be just that.

It is not until next week that forces on all three fronts will lock into place, but this is drifting closer by the day.

This makes it important to pay attention to any work/life balance issues the Moon might expose today, especially as they are low key enough to be missed.

Creativity: Good

Love: Fair

Business: Good

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