Although you may be feeling fortunate that you’re doing work which you love, it could be preventing you from actually spending quality time with someone special, whom you also love.

If you’ve been looking at alternative arrangements that could free up your schedule, you’ll be able to make progress toward that goal today.

In order to get the most out of love and romance, taking a lesson from the capricious Moon as it squares Saturn in your 10th House of Power would serve you well. Your ability to remain flexible and spontaneous is the most direct path toward passionate fulfillment right now.

It’s possible that a shared interest could either help to break the ice or eliminate tension in a special relationship.

The way you and somebody apply diligent focus to whatever it is that pushes both your buttons can help enhance the levels of grounding and trust between you. It appears you and the object of your affections may have found the perfect, brief distraction.

The Moon is in Libra and in your 6th house today, however it is also trining Venus in your 2nd house. It is a natural part of every successful relationship that they require hard work and devotion, especially in the day to day interactions and components of the relationship.

This being said, it is crucial that you and your partner have similar core values. When that is the case, you tend to feel much more willing to do the work necessary to making your relationships work as they are in alignment with what you wish to create and build in your own life.

It actually doesn’t even end up feeling like “work” in the traditional, effortful sort of way. Today would be a good time to ask yourself if your values and those of your partner are in agreement, permitting you to experience more trust, connection and therefore fulfillment.

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