Did you really just say that out loud, Taurus? With communication planet Mercury spinning backward in your expressive third house (since June 18), your boots may have been in your mouth more than on the ground. Simple instructions come out garbled, and straightforward conversations feel like you’re arguing your case before the Supreme Court. What’s a well-meaning Bull to do? NOT blame yourself, for starters.

You might catch a break this Tuesday, June 30, when the winged messenger aligns with the illuminating Sun in your third house. It might just be a momentary ray of light, but take it! Reclaim your chill and try to find potential silver linings, even if it’s just a chance to reiterate a key point and be 100 percent sure you’re understood. Under the Sun-Mercury mashup, you might discover an email or text thread where something was overlooked or misinterpreted—and this review could wind up saving some big-time frustration or embarrassment.

Annoying as they can be, retrogrades do provide opportunities to review recent events and correct any errors or enhance projects that are “acceptable but not amazing.” Another upside: They’re the perfect time to catching up with old friends, relatives and colleagues, and this goes double with Mercury in your house of kindred spirits!

Filters on—or off? You might not be too sure yourself which way to go starting this Wednesday as normally circumspect Saturn backflips into Capricorn and your spontaneously candid ninth house. In forward motion and in any other house, Saturn would be tight-lipped and careful about what came tumbling out of its—er, YOUR—mouth. But revving in reverse in this impulsive sector, it’s hard to predict just what you might unleash.

While it’s great for your reserved sign to speak your truth, it’s important to remember that not everyone will appreciate your bluntness, especially if it hits them where it hurts. A plus: Saturn retrograde here can help buffer the blows of your truth hammer. (And if things have gotten overheated with anyone, this is a perfect moment to call a time-out.) This is also an opportune moment to review plans for anything educational or entrepreneurial. But do your research, and take your time to get it just right. By the time Saturn correct course on September 29, you could be ready to launch an epic endeavor!

On Saturday—or Sunday in some parts of the world—the year’s only Capricorn full moon lunar eclipse lands in that same expansive ninth house. In addition to ruling study, teaching, training and speaking your truth, the ninth house is also the domain of travel and adventure, and we know many Bulls have been chomping at the bit to do ANYTHING beyond shop, cook and zone out to Netflix (even those edifying documentaries).

Whether you’ve been waiting for someone to green-light a project or things to be safe enough for you to rebook that trip you didn’t take earlier this, you may have to deploy a bit more of that famous Taurus patience. But the two weeks following this eclipse—the “grand finale” of a two-year cycle in Cancer/Capricorn—are peak manifesting time, so be proactive! Do what you can without over-pressuring the powers that be or jeopardizing your well-being, and trust that you’ll find the right balance.

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