With Saturn turning retrograde in your 10th House of Aspiration today, you’ll be reminded that an authentic approach to your current romantic circumstances is the only way to go at this time.

This goes double if you’ve been feeling unsure or frustrated with the way your love life seems to be unfolding. Take time to sit in silence right now, surrounded by nature if possible, and ponder your passionate plans in detail.

Think of new goals that inspire you and make you excited to try new things. Your heart is eager for a big shift, and if you can be true-blue about love, you’ll attract the changes you seek.

You could feel hesitant about needing some ‘you time,’ especially if you sense a loved one will misinterpret this requirement on your part.

But you deserve a chance to reacquaint yourself with yourself or reconnect with personal aspirations that day-to-day routines make difficult to do. If you re-emerge inspired, motivated, and rejuvenated, then it’s not only you who benefits.

Do your romantic relationships provide your life with a sense of meaning? Do you feel spiritually fulfilled through them? The Moon is still in Capricorn and in your 9th house and is inviting you to reflect on these questions.

Relationships are so much stronger when we feel that those we are in connection with share similar beliefs and philosophies as ours. Not to say that you shouldn’t have any differences with your partner, on the contrary, these few days would be a great time to get into those kinds of discussions.

This allows you to connect on a spiritual level and not just an emotional. Just make sure that you and your partner agree on the fundamentals of life because then your relationship will serve as a propeller for you to develop where you seek to in your life.

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