Offer authentic expressions of gratitude to the one you love now. When it comes to matters of the heart, genuine appreciation will work like a charm to make the object of your affections feel wanted, needed, and loved.

You can never go wrong with expressing passionate joy and sharing positivity anytime – and definitely not now.

If you’re hatching an ambitious dream to make a big move in your love life, keep it to yourself for a little while, at least until you’re ready to flesh out the details.

There may be an adversary in your midst, and should they find out about your master plan, they may do something to thwart your efforts. Stay on your toes as you continue to work on your passionate goals.

You’re not going to sit around waiting for romance to come to you any longer. Consider taking a calculated risk in the near future. Your timing is spot on.

What are the things that you keep hidden from your partner? More importantly, ask yourself why it is that you hide those things from them? These are all relevant questions to contemplate today as the Moon is in Aries and in your 12th house.

It is so common and natural that we feel scared or uncomfortable sharing certain things with our lovers. We have been conditioned that we shouldn’t share specific things with our partners because otherwise they may leave us or judge us.

This mentality doesn’t allow true connection and intimacy to occur in a relationship as those partnerships are based on trust and transparency.

This is a great time to practice being more vulnerable with your partner and share those aspects of yourself that you generally hide in the name of bringing you closer to one another.

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