With a bevy of beautiful planets frolicking in earth signs today, you’ll find it easier than usual to take action toward very specific, love relationship plans at this moment.

Early in the day you’ll be focused on responsibilities of the daily-grind kind, but by sunset you’ll feel more grounded about your short-term romantic future.

You eagerly embrace new perspectives and evolving passionate paradigms as you find ways to take practical steps forward toward a big, sexy goal.

This is an ideal time to fully commit to a special, romantic or relationship goal, even if you know plenty of effort, persistence, and patience will be needed to achieve it.

You have superb cosmic support to embark upon a new chapter in your emotional world.

You’ll need to give plenty of thought to the direction this is heading toward because whatever that direction is, it could be one you’ll be pursuing for some time in the future.

The Moon is still in Taurus and in your 1st house of self today, this is emphasizing the importance of self love within your romantic partnerships.

Is it easy for you to remember that you are just as important and worthy of taking care of your own needs and wants as those of your partner?

If not, today would be a great time to set the intention of practicing more of that. Relationships are a lot healthier and more successful when the people involved are able to experience depth and intimacy on their own.

This indicates that you and your lover are coming together as two independent and fulfilled beings of your own and are much less likely to fall into patterns of codependency.

When you are full of love towards yourself, you are able to share it with others without feeling resentful or desperately wanting anything in return.

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