A surge of activity in your love life means you may suddenly be extra conscious about your body image.

If someone hasn’t told you this already, you need another reminder today: Your true sexiness comes from your spirit, your authenticity, your confidence and various other unique aspects which you possess.

A love interest isn’t even noticing what you think they are, so stop criticizing yourself and love yourself fully because you deserve to know how fabulous you are.

Your home provides a perfect setting for romantic matters or a sanctuary for any love life issues.

You could be wrestling with love life lessons from long ago that still play an important role in your attitude toward love, romance, and intimacy.

It’s also possible that one or two passionate secrets are determined to emerge and be shared with a certain special person. The fact that you’re willing to make yourself vulnerable in doing so shows how far you’ve come.

The Full Moon is in Pisces and in your 11th house. This is asking you to find the balance between having both romance and friendship be the foundations of your intimate partnerships.

It is crucial of course to have a strong level of pleasure, fun and sexual fulfillment in your romantic relationships, as that is the spark that keeps one engaged and satisfied in a relationship.

It is equally important however to have friendship be a component of your relationship, as it is necessary to have mental compatibility with your lover as well as an emotional/passionate one.

This allows your connection with your partner to be one that brings you close to what you aspire to in your life and vice versa.

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