You could be surprised by your keenness to introduce a bit of chaos to romantic or relationship routines. If one or two have become a bit long in the tooth or painfully tedious for your liking, then the urge to try something new could intensify.

Showing a willingness to be a bit more experimental with matters of the heart could help a new era of adventure and spontaneity to commence – right here, right now.

The Moon is in Aries today and in your 12th house however, it is also squaring Jupiter in your 9th house. This configuration is highlighting the importance of having your romantic partnerships have a spiritual or even intellectual aspect to them.

This allows you and your partner to connect on so many more levels than just the physical and emotional ones.

When your relationship is something that provides your life with higher meaning and is a source of fulfillment, it enables you to much more easily be able to work through any negative or unpleasant feelings you have about your partnership.

Despite your placid facade, you could have too much fight in you today, and for someone you’re involved with, it won’t be easy to manage.

You’re usually quite gracious and mellow, but your energy is one of a fierce competitor at this moment, and for a good chunk of your day, it may not bode well for matters of the heart.

Do your own thing for a while, because you have much on your mind to keep you busy as you pursue a personal dream.

A little space between you and the one you love will serve you well right now. Sooner than later, your sweetheart will want to hitch their wagon to your rising star.

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