Doing what you want requires real commitment today, especially if others are trying to influence you at this moment. Cosmic forces are working on your behalf to motivate you to follow your own hungry heart wherever it leads you.

There’s a chance that someone in your love life could be trying to force their plans on you, but you’re more attracted to freedom of movement and romantic flexibility than you are in cooperating right now.

Your plan is to do things your way, and it feels good to advocate for your own joy.

Your curiosity could be heightened, which could push you to get involved in a surprisingly in-depth and probing discussion with a lover or potential sweetheart.

If you sense a profoundly important conversation or exchange is underway, then drop all barriers and obstacles to allow it to flow. You could be amazed at what comes to light.

This is a great time to allow yourself to just enjoy yourself in your romantic partnerships and have some fun! The Moon is in Virgo and in your 5th house of romance. How are you at allowing yourself to just experience pleasure and fun in your relationships?

While yes, it is important to take care of the more “serious” aspects of your partnerships it is equally necessary to remember the lighter parts as well.

Because if you forget to do so, you risk getting swamped by all the hard work, that naturally every relationship requires, and feeling like it is more of a burden than something enjoyable and satisfying.

So ask yourself what are some things you can do with your partner or yourself that allow you to tap into those feelings.

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