You’re driven to archive the interesting things you’re involved with right now, especially if there’s romance to write about at this moment.

Your charm and electric personality is having a big impact on a secret, or perhaps not-so-secret admirer, and you may soon face an opportunity to convey your deepest feelings.

Your emotional expressions have been so creative lately, you just might find the courage to divulge your sexy mystery to the object of your affections soon.

Don’t worry about small details; just try to push past your doubts and fears as you embrace a passionate wave of much-needed change in your love life. Let your hungry heart lead you forward today!

Your heart knows what it wants, even if its needs are a mystery to you.

But if you feel uncertain or confused, then that doesn’t mean a lover or love interest isn’t crystal clear in their mind about what they want and need.

Making your desires clear is important in any relationship. Don’t circumnavigate this crucial step now. Communication is the key to emotional and intimate satisfaction. Believe you deserve both.

The Moon is in Cancer and in your 3rd house of communication today, however, it is also opposing Jupiter in your 9th house. This configuration is highlighting the importance of feeling a spiritual connection as well as a mental one with your lover.

It happens a lot that people don’t end up feeling fulfilled and connected with their lovers without knowing why.

So often the reason behind that is because they lack a level of connection that goes beyond the physical, mental and emotional one. That would be the spiritual/philosophical level.

Do you feel that your life views/beliefs are compatible with your partners or even like you can share those parts of yourself with them? If not, get curious about how you can cultivate more of that in your romantic partnership.

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