As you seek inspiration for your latest creative pursuits, consider that someone special in your love life can be your perfect muse right now.

You’re eager to reciprocate and be an inspiration for them in return, yearning to ultimately feed off each other’s encouragement and insights.

The intuitive Moon’s harmonious angle to Venus in your 3rd House of Communication inspires you to focus on art, music or other visionary pursuits that can speak for your brimming heart.

The one who gets to enjoy your artistic output will realize just how lucky they are to have you in their life.

Don’t blame the love gods or anyone else for that matter regarding ways your love life falls short of expectations. Adopting a more open mind could reveal that self-created negativity or impatience are your biggest obstacles to passionate progress.

Clinging to outdated beliefs or assumptions doesn’t help, either. You can gain a much more reassuring and optimistic perspective by releasing these and opening both your mind and heart now.

The Moon is in Virgo and in your 5th house of romance, however, it is also opposing Neptune in your 11th house as well.

This is highlighting the necessity of finding a balance between having fun with your partner, experiencing sexual pleasure with them and then also being able to be friends for one another and fulfill one another on other levels.

Levels including the mental/intellectual ones. Just having the fun and sexual aspects of your relationship be the foundation of it, you risk having the partnership not last too long, as those tend to fizzle out with time or just change in the way they manifest.

This is why it is also healthy to have friendship be a foundation in your relationship, having the sense that you can trust your partner and experience closeness on many levels.

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