To balance the fiery nature of Mars, try to be diplomatic and don’t refuse to compromise, only then you will be in harmony with love.

It’s no good pretending to be nice, especially when you are feeling intense and powerful emotions that there is just no way you can possibly express them nicely.

Hastiness, especially at this point, can only hurt you. Prepare for unexpected but easy to overcome personal difficulties. Look forward to pleasant news about your personal life.

Current aspect indicates that you need to sit down, spend some time making plans and reaching certain decisions.

Be careful if you’re traveling. You may need time to observe and analyze another side of your current situation before you take action. Many of you will experience a desire to create.

You’ve got the hunger to fight in you right now, the kind that wants to protect you from a challenging love life situation.

Before you throw the first punch, however, make sure that you fully understand the subtleties of your issues.

If you can find a way to be peaceful instead of angry, you will make far more progress in matters of the heart right now.

It’s not easy to stay focused on your passionate potential when circumstances are so edgy, but you’re determined to get through this temporary rough patch unscathed, and you can do it.

Curiosity needs to be nurtured, not suppressed at this time as it can take you into new passionate realms now.

You’re right to trust a feeling of inquisitiveness regarding someone in your world at and can subtly search for more information about how much passionate potential exists in a special romantic connection.

The more you dig or probe, the more optimistic you could become.

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