Your current love life situation is still unfolding at this moment, so focus on the big picture and keep the judgmental thinking out of your day.

You can be so stubborn about getting what you want that you become impatient when you don’t get it instantly. This is a definite product of your passion but also a sign of haste today.

The one you love should feel encouraged and motivated to take steps forward, not be prodded and rushed. Romance doesn’t work that way.

You might be aware of what’s stable or predictable with affairs of the heart but might also know what could do with a nudge or push to move it in the right direction.

One, small calculated risk could bring a delightful shift to what has appeared stuck or stagnant. It could also be helpful in encouraging a response you hoped you’d receive from someone.

The Moon is in Libra and in your 6th house, it is also opposing Chiron in your 12th house as well today. While it is important to take care of the day to day aspects of your romantic partnerships, putting the necessary energy and effort into making things work, it is just as important to direct your attention towards the inner parts of your relationship.

What are the unconscious and unhealthy patterns or habits that you have in your romantic partnerships that don’t allow you to have healthy or fulfilling relationships?

It is only when you get curious about that, that you are able to see how those things end up manifesting in your day to day life and therefore be able to change them.

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