A confusing perception about your romantic future means that everything from your reality to your reverie feels a little surreal today.

There’s a lot to be grateful for at this moment, and adopting an attitude of gratitude can help divert some of the unusual notions you may be thinking about right now.

The more you take time to reflect on your heart’s passionate purpose, the closer you will get to understanding what you must do next in order to achieve your ultimate goals. Be here now, for now. Soon you will be ready to start planning your tomorrows with bold motivation and a new perspective on love.

The Moon is in Cancer and in your 3rd house of communication today, and it is also trining Neptune in your 11th house. This aspect between the planets is emphasizing the importance of having a strong sense of friendship between you and your lover, in order to provide a stable foundation and connection through which you can experience a mental connection.

Healthy and fulfilling relationships almost constantly have friendship as their basis and in order to have friendship with someone, it is necessary that you are honest, transparent and open with one another.

Therefore today would be a great time to make sure that all lines of communication are kept open between you and your partner and to get curious about what stands in the way of you and your partner being as clear and communicative with one another as you could be.

Answers or revelations you would like to find or experience related to matters of the heart are unlikely to arrive out of the blue at this time. To receive insights, you may need to ask yourself one or two difficult questions.

This could require you to push aside a fear, perhaps take a risk and be prepared to venture toward what’s mysterious or unfamiliar. However, as the old saying goes, it’s by going out on a limb that the best fruit can be found!

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