The Moon is in Aquarius and in your 10th house today, this is bringing the focus on the public and external aspect of your relationship.

Is the image that you present to the world of your romantic partnership an accurate portrayal of the reality of it?

We are so conditioned to hide the “negative” or harder parts of our lives, including our relationships from the outside world.

However, there can be something incredible cathartic and healing when we are honest with the world about the things we are going through in our intimate connections.

This provides you and others with the ability to relate to one another and offer each other possible helpful input on what your’e experiencing.

Also, in regard to the more positive parts of your romantic partnerships, when you have a beautiful relationship with your lover, allowing others to experience that is an inspiration of what healthy partnerships can look like.

If you are looking for someone delightful with whom to share your life, then try not to do anything in the same old way – it would be wise to dress in a unique way, try different accessories, or do your hair in a new style.

All the while this period it’s possible to be angry and irritable because of problems in your personal relationships that take up all of your time.

You are usually very reticent about your feelings, preferring to hide behind a veneer of cynicism or some other facade, but this is about to change soon.

The stars warn you that it’s better to be patient in order to save yourself from failures. Problems with people in your environment are a real possibility and you will resolve them if you act only after detailed analysis.

Current planetary energies give you a feeling of stability and security as far as your latest plans are concerned. Those of you who have made their mind about trip can do it.

There are powerful changes occurring in your life on very subtle levels. Be careful not to hurt someone and do not impose your opinion.

A loved one or potential partner might be able to detect intuitively what you think or feel but would probably appreciate insight from you.

Any distance or detachment on your part could lead someone close to draw a wrong conclusion.

Try not to see their keenness to help or encourage you to drop a barrier as intrusive. Don’t let this reach a point where they grow tired of trying.

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