It’s not always easy to pour out your heart to a lover, especially if you’re not convinced of your timing.

In fact, right when you’re ready to initiate a deep conversation about something that means a lot to you, you may chicken out and put it off once again.

Consider this an opportunity to review your thoughts and feelings once more, so that when you’re truly ready to share them, your sweetheart will be better able to understand what’s in your heart.

Using fewer, well-chosen words is preferable to a long soliloquy right now, so take your time and prepare your message if you think it’ll help make your point.

Confidence is always a sexy quality, and yours could be enhanced wonderfully now. However, forming or strengthening a special connection could be more about you than the object of your affections, and confidence can soon be misinterpreted as selfishness.

Getting the combination right between strong self-belief and making full use of the powerful but subtle alluring qualities you possess will bring much better results.

What is the nature of the dialogue between you and your romantic partners? Do you know how to communicate clearly and directly with one another in a way that enables there to be trust and transparency in your relationship?

The Moon is still in Gemini and in your 3rd house today. This placement is urging you to contemplate on these questions.

One of the major foundations of a healthy, successful and fulfilling partnership is one that is built on open, honest and clear communication.

This is a great time for you to practice learning how to be in open dialogue with your partner. What are the ways in which you can strengthen that aspect of your relationship?

If there is something you’ve been wanting to share or express, this would be a good time to do so, in a loving and diplomatic way of course.

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