Don’t let a disagreement or a tete-a-tete between you and the one you love create an unnecessarily tense vibe.

There is likely to be something you and a lover must accept. But it’s nothing a carefully-created shared plan can’t resolve.

If you need to call a friend to provide input, then now’s a good time to do so. Believe that a way forward does beg for attention.

Beauty is central to the creative buzz you’re currently experiencing, and you’ll likely be pondering ways to beautify your love-nest today.

Someone you treasure and want to impress may be popping by later, and you’re going to want to make a fabulous impression on them.

Imaginative conversations and sexy indulgences could put an exclamation point on this amazing day, and you’ll be inspired to stoke the fire of your love for as long as you can right now.

Get ready for romance, because it’s ready for you!

The planetary alignment encourages you and those close to you to feel passionate about almost everything.

This ranges from the state of the country to the state of your relationship.

Depending on which way you approach this, you could have a revolting or a revolutionary day ahead.

If you can resist the temptation to be too forceful, and be more considerate, you will certainly come out on top.

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