Everything has been fairly grounded in matters of the heart lately, so you’re not likely to court trouble in paradise today.

Be ready for an unexpected shift once the nebulous Pisces New Moon brings new energy into your 11th House of Long-Term Goals, however, because even if it’s not your usual pattern, you’re interested in shaking things up in your love life right now.

The best news of all is that you know there is no rush to rearrange your romantic world at this moment. You’re eager to make slow and steady progress until the Earth below you clicks back into place.

Your love life focus needs to be balanced between what’s unfolding in the present while keeping an eye on what you want the future to bring. Your past romantic or relationship experiences offer valuable insight into what’s unfolding now.

A brief sentimental journey can remind you of what your head and heart coped with previously and assist with drawing valuable lessons that can bring a helpful and timely shift to your current circumstances.

The momentary arrangement of the planets in the house of love has the ability to bring back the past, so don’t be surprised if you start to have feelings and thoughts about a former lover, or even if you return to old love.

Avoid anxiety in order to bypass making mistakes that can delay your intentions in time. You should not insult and argue with your relatives if you are not satisfied with their assessments towards you.

You may get the feeling that you are just going through the motions. Your new plans promise considerable success only if you conduct the hard but successful conversations. Soon you’ll have an urge to make changes in your attitude toward one particular person.

Assess exactly how you feel as this is the key to making the right choice. Travel. Take your time for rest in the evenings so you don’t crash from exhaustion and strain.

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