Hunker down at home, Taurus, and take an easier pace. July was a hyperactive month in the heavens, with two eclipses and Mercury retrograde giving us all a lot to process. Lucky for you, then, that the Sun is in Leo and your domestic fourth house until August 23—the perfect time to slow down and savor self-care, family and some pleasurable nesting.

Are you looking for a change of address or lifestyle? The month launched in the tailwind of a July 31 Leo new moon, which opened a new six-month chapter for exactly that. From house-hunting to changing your decor scheme to enriching your bonds, the beginning of August has a special heartfelt glow. Your natural creativity is also piqued: Honor your urge to beautify and nurture by inviting a small group over for a home-cooked meal or a night of crafts (and craft cocktails). Break out the art supplies and fun projects!

On August 11, a turning point arrives as two major planets, Jupiter and Uranus, begin and end retrograde backspins. This will impact you more than other signs because Uranus happens to be in Taurus for the next seven years, bringing sweeping changes to your life. A slowdown might actually be welcomed so you can have a chance to integrate!

Let’s start with Jupiter, though, since it’s been in powered-down retrograde since April 10, reversing through Sagittarius and your eighth house of merging, shared resources and investments. Jupiter is making a yearlong sojourn through this sign from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019. This intense cycle will find your closest relationships evolving on a deep level as you explore new ways to combine your superpowers.

When Jupiter arrives in your eighth house—which only happens every 12 to 13 years—it can be a “marriage, babies and breakups” cycle. You could unite with a soulmate or have a searingly sexy attraction that blazes into an erotic awakening. But don’t expect a lighthearted romp with boundless Jupiter in this intimate sector. The all-or-nothing eighth house plays for keeps. If your body gets involved, your heart will as well. Have you been confused about which direction to go in a relationship? Once Jupiter resumes direct (forward) motion, the answers should start to reveal themselves.

Ready to make some big money? As Jupiter shifts into full speed in that eighth house of shared finances and wealth, the rest of the year is prime for payout. You might discover a niche that drives passive income, or make a lucrative investment. A large lump sum could come in through a commission, loan, refund or affiliate earning. You might write a sizeable check yourself for a down payment or to whittle away debt from credit cards, school loans or back taxes. Since the eighth house rules mergers, stay alert for opportunities to join forces with a well-connected group between now and December 2. Your combined superpowers could make you a formidable team!

As your collaborative mojo rises, some of your solo endeavors could slow down a bit since also on August 11, radical changemaker Uranus starts its annual five-month retrograde through Taurus until January 10, 2020. Uranus is in Taurus for a long trek (from March 2019 until April 2026), a once-every-84-years transit that reinvents your identity. Has your world felt completely different; your life taken on a whole new orientation? The revolution is underway, both inside and out.

For the rest of the year, Uranus will backslide through your first house of individuality, fresh starts and passion projects. The rapid changes could slow down a bit, giving you a chance to integrate it all. For many Bulls, that could be a huge relief. Catch your breath. Pause on any extreme makeovers of yourself, a business or your life. Take it all in and correct course as needed. You’ve seen all the new paths and possibilities: Which ones have any kind of staying power? If you’ve struggled to gain traction on a big idea, Uranus retrograde could finally help it take root.

Just don’t get TOO settled! Disruptor Uranus is the planet of change and progress. This retrograde is an excellent time to really look at yourself, your habits and any internal changes you need to take on. Admit it: Your sign’s rep as stubborn isn’t entirely undeserved. What are you clinging to that no longer serves you?

A professional victory could be in the works on August 15, when the year’s only Aquarius full moon arrives in your tenth house of work and leadership. It’s a decisive moment for a goal you’ve been working toward since early 2019. Looking to change careers or move up to the next level? The Aquarius full moon could bring an offer or an opportunity. Never mind if it’s peak vacation season—this is your moment to make a move, Taurus! The tenth house rules fathers, authority figures and male-identified people. Your relationship with someone who fits this description could take on special significance.

Passion takes top billing on August 23, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Virgo and your fifth house of pleasure, play and self-expression. From a late-summer romance to a burst of creative inspiration, Virgo season can deliver heart-opening moments aplenty. With ardent Mars also here from August 18 to October 3, your mojo is rising through the roof. Don’t be surprised if you start turning heads wherever you go. But take advantage of this biannual transit and seize the spotlight to spread your message. When the August 30 Virgo new moon arrives, it opens the chambers of your heart to new dating prospects or an artistic renaissance. Keep your schedule light for the end of the month so you have plenty of time to follow the muse or any spontaneous moment that strikes!

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