During this phase, those in committed relationships may be keen to experience intimate pleasures. However, they may decide to get married at the earliest possible convenience to enjoy such pleasures.

During this phase, keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses, and do not purchase unnecessary things you do not require. You may be focused upon saving money for the security of your future. Singles might fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, who may move into the nearby vicinity.

The feelings may be mutual, and there may be something between the two that immediately click. During this month, monetary gains may thrill you and you may be brimming with positivity. On the other hand, your expenses might increase. You may want to control unwanted expenditures.

Married couples might want to visit a nearby resort to spend quality time together. There may be minor issues and family-related disturbances this month. Mars may transition through the twelfth house, which may lead to an increase in personal expenses.

Try and keep a tight leash over unwanted expenses, and focus on saving money for the future. This period may be blissful for married couples. You may try to keep your family members happy and satisfied.

You might be tempted to spend money buying exorbitant things you don’t need, and there may be a chance your personal spending habits increase. Try to control unwanted expenses. Businessmen may do well to adopt a systematic approach and learn to accept new challenges head-on.

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