Singles might get a chance to embark on a relationship during this phase. They might enter a romantic relationship, and enjoy blissful moments together. Married people might feel happy as their life partners may be responsive.

However, some family issues might put married people in discomfort. During this phase, you might be able to increase your income inflow. While you might be tempted to increase your income inflow by unethical means, Ganesha warns not to do so.

Try cutting down on personal habitual expenses, and try to save money for future needs. This month may not bring up any deal for negotiation for businessmen.

However, minor deals may help run the business satisfactorily. Businessmen may be worried about competition. They may need to lower margins to score over competition. Students pursuing graduation might need more time to learn things properly. Their progress might be slow.

Students doing post-graduation might learn things well, and memorize satisfactorily. According to planetary movements, there may not be any major health issues. However, beware, as old ailments might catch up. Also, the chances of getting injured from falling are foreseen.

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